Tuesday, March 20, 2018

New 'Leprechaun' Is On The Way

It appears another Leprechaun film is on the way. The SyFy Channel has confirmed the movie will be titled Leprechaun Returns with plans to start filming in March 2019. Cast, Taylor Spreitler, Mark Holton, Pepi Sonuga, Sai Bennett, Ben McGregor, Emily Reid, Oliver Llewellyn Jenkins and Linden Porco (as the Leprechaun)

Written by Suzanne Keilly (Ash vs Evil Dead), Directed by Steven Kostanski (The Void, ABCs of Death 2).

Plot: Leprechaun Returns finds the leprechaun revived in the modern day when a group of sorority girls unwittingly awaken him while tearing down a cabin to build a new sorority house.

Trailer And Poster For 'WILDLING' Starring Liv Tyler

A new poster and trailer have made their way online for Fritz Böhm's upcoming werewolf flick WILDLING. The film Stars: Liv Tyler, Bel Powley, James Le Gros, Troy Ruptash, Keenan Jolliff, Charlotte Ubben, Frank Deal, Kelly Lamor Wilson and Brad Dourif.

Plot: A teenage girl’s coming of age comes with a terrifying twist in this spellbinding take on the werewolf legend. Since birth, Anna (Bel Powley) has been raised in isolation by a man she knows only as Daddy (Chucky star Brad Dourif) who has done everything possible to conceal the truth about the girl’s origins from her.

But when the teenage Anna is suddenly thrust into the real world under the protection of no-nonsense police officer Ellen (Liv Tyler), it soon becomes clear that the young woman is far from ordinary. Unable to adjust to a normal life, Anna finds herself drawn instead to the wild freedom of the forest while struggling to resist the growing bloodlust that has awakened inside her. This moodily atmospheric thriller combines supernatural scares with a myth-like tale of self-discovery.

Written by: Fritz Böhm, Florian Eder, and David Palmer - Directed by, Fritz Böhm... the film will land in theaters (limited) and VOD via IFC Midnight April 13th.

Trailer For William Friedkin's 'The Devil And Father Amorth' Documentary

"This is not fiction. It’s different from all the movies. And I was there to film it.”

On May 1, 2016, The Exorcist director William Friedkin was invited by Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican exorcist, to both witness and film an actual exorcism. Friedkin’s next film, The Devil and Father Amorth, is a documentary about his chilling experience.

In the doc, “Friedkin leads a tour that moves from the infamous Exorcist steps in Georgetown to Italy, where he meets with the 91-year-old Father Gabriele Amorth, official exorcist of the Diocese of Rome, and accompanies Amorth on one of his harrowing house calls. A sprightly, at times gonzo-style, investigation into the long history of demonic lore, and a one-of-a-kind insight into the persistence of medieval belief in the supposedly modern world.”

The film will hit theaters (New York and Los Angeles) April 20th with a worldwide digital release TBA, via The Orchard.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

No More 'Evil Dead'?

Sad to say, but we may be saying our goodbyes to Ash Williams this year. Ash Vs Evil Dead is in deep ratings trouble, the series has seen it's ratings cut in half from season one.. According to Bruce Campbell if the show gets canceled we will probably never see Ash again.

"If they cancel it, I think Ash is done, “I have lavender on my property. I’m going to smoke weed and hang out.” Campbell said.

Although a few weeks ago Campbell hinted that we may get another film (Evil Dead 4) if the show was canceled.

"We won’t know [if we’ve been renewed] till the middle of March. We’re in the horrible television limbo right now,” Campbell told EW last month. “If they take us off the air, we can think about another movie. And if they don’t, we can just keep plugging away.”

I hope if the series is let go by Starz, Netflix will step in and continue the show. Probably won't happen though.

New Promo Spot For 'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 4

In Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead, fans will see the world of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and her family through new eyes — the eyes of Morgan Jones (Lennie James), joining the story from the world of The Walking Dead.

In the new season, the characters’ immediate past mixes with an uncertain present of struggle and discovery as they meet new friends, foes and threats. They fight for each other, against each other and against a legion of the dead, all to somehow build an existence amid the crushing pressure of lives coming apart.

There will be darkness and light; terror and grace; the heroic, mercenary, and craven, all crashing together towards a new reality for Fear the Walking Dead.

Poster And Plot For 'Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle'

The poster and plot details have made their way online for Toho's upcoming sequel to Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters.. The film it titled Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle and will hit theaters May 18, 2018..

Plot: Rising from the depths of the planet is a new breed of monster, dubbed “Godzilla Earth.” Evolving for 20,000 years, the creature stands 300 meters high, weighs over 100,000 tons and wields such overwhelmingly destructive power that Haruo and company have no choice but to run for their lives. Coming to Haruo’s rescue, however, is Miana, a member of an aboriginal tribe called the Houtua. They are the first humanoid people the returnees have encountered. Could they descend from humans?

Our tribal god was destroyed by Godzilla. All that we have left are these eggs. Anyone who has tried to fight or resist him has been drowned in fire,” the tribespeople say to Haruo, who responds with: “This is our last hope of recovering our home.” Meanwhile, Bilusaludo commander, Galu-gu is elated to discover that the Houtua tribe’s arrowheads are made of a nanometal or a self-sustaining metal. It had been developed in the 21st century as an “anti-Godzilla” killer weapon deployed at their decisive battle fought at the foot of Mt. Fuji, but had been destroyed before it could be activated in the form of a “Mecha-Godzilla.” The nanometal was its base substance, and proof that the manufacturing plant can still be used...

The film is directed by Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita.

New Retro Trailer For Damien Leone's 'TERRIFIER'

A new retro trailer for Damien Leone's horror thriller TERRIFIER has landed online.. The film Stars: Katie Maguire, Pooya Mohseni, Margaret Reed, Catherine Corcoran, Samantha Scaffidi, David Howard Thornton, Gino Cafarelli, Ursula Anderman and Jenna Kanell..

Plot: A maniacal clown terrorizes three young women on Halloween night and everyone else who stands in his way. Art the Clown returns in his first standalone film following 2013’s All Hallows’ Eve...

Written and Directed By: Damien Leone.. The film is now in theaters (limited)..